Jun 2012

How to create a new file in the editors I use every day.

ME Eclipse, I’d like to do something with this folder.

ECLIPSE You can do lots of things with this folder!

ME Let’s create something new in here.

ECLIPSE There’s all sorts of new things we could make together! How about a Java Class?

ME OK, a new Class then.

ECLIPSE Great, I’ll just need a class name…

ME How about “SingletonFactory”?

ECLIPSE Oh sorry, bad news, you made one of those already. Try something else?

ME Maybe “SingletonFactoryManager”?

ECLIPSE No problems there. Will this class be public or private?

ME Let me think about that…I’m not sure yet.

ECLIPSE Public then. What superclass would you like to inherit from?

ME I don’t know yet. Can we just go with the defaults?

ECLIPSE It’s your funeral. Alright, hang on, let me get started on this…


ECLIPSE Just one more second. I’m performing some changes…


ECLIPSE Almost there. I’m adding unimplemented methods…


ECLIPSE Any moment now…I’m rebuilding the project…


ECLIPSE OK, we’re good to go. Enjoy your new file!

ME What? I’m playing Skyrim now, go away.


ME Xcode, I’d like to create a new file.

XCODE This is exciting! I’m assuming you want an Objective-C class for iOS?

ME That sounds like a little much. Maybe just a text file for now?

XCODE You need to pick from one of my templates.

ME Is there a “blank file” template somewhere?

XCODE Could be. Try rifling through my drawers for a bit and see what’s there.

ME Never mind, let’s just make an Objective-C class then.

XCODE Excellent. What’s the class name? What does it inherit from?

ME Call it “DetailViewController.” It’s a subclass of UIViewController.

XCODE Do you want a XIB?

ME Sure? Let’s just move on.

XCODE Where do you want this file to live? What group does it belong to? What targets should it be added to?

ME I am terrified to touch anything here. Just proceed with the defaults.

XCODE OK, done. Here’s one of the three files I made for you.

ME Thanks.

XCODE You have 37 build errors.

ME Sublime Text 2, create a new file.


ME But I didn’t even tell you what to name it?

SUBLIME TEXT 2 You can pick a name when you save it. Or save it now and pick now, whatevs.

ME And I didn’t tell you what folder the file should go in?

SUBLIME TEXT 2 I’ll make a guess when you save it, and I’ll probably be right. Or you can pick somewhere else, I really don’t care.

ME I love you, Sublime Text 2.

SUBLIME TEXT 2 Then you should probably buy the registered version, asshole.

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