Apr 2014

A Superior iOS Logging Console

Update: Check out iOS Console for a quick desktop app version of this!

If you do a lot of iOS development, you will be quite familiar with the information dumping ground known as the “Console” in the Xcode Organizer.

Behold, a treasure trove of useful output that you can’t filter or search and dear lord there’s so much of it!

Those of you who have developed for Android will think fondly of logcat which you can just execute in your Terminal and filter output with grep all day.

Fortunately, Ryan Petrich has built the same thing for iOS, and called it deviceconsole.

Simply check out the repository and type make in the root directory, and it will compile a binary you can run right away to watch the output of any of your connected devices.

For even more fun, try leaving your phone plugged in all day and see what apps are draining your battery:


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